Rhed's Rhode Island Hot Sauce, 3 Flavors

Rhed's Rhode Island Hot Sauce, 3 Flavors

Rhed's Rhode Island Hot Sauce, 3 Flavors
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North Kingstown Chef Deja Hart creates Rhed's using peppers and vegetables sourced seasonally from local Rhode Island Farms including: Chris & Kristina's Market Garden, Luckyfoot Ranch, Zephyr Farm and Garman Farm. Available in 3 delicious flavors, each bottle is produced in small batch format to ensure the best possible quality.

RHED'S ORIGINAL: Most hot sauces are comprised of three ingredients (chilies, salt and vinegar). Rhed’s original hot sauce is a blend of fresh jalapeno’s, dried chocolate and paper lantern habaneros, roasted garlic, onions, carrot, coriander, salt and two types of vinegar creating a flavorful, well balanced sauce. The chili mash is fermented for over two weeks before combining with the other ingredients, adding another layer of flavor.

DEJA VU is a blend of fermented hot chilies are tamed with layers of charred onions, smokey sea salt, tangy tamarind and the umami flavor of black garlic. Enjoy on steak, grilled meats and salmon or stir fry with vegetables and noodles. Deja Vu works well as a dipping sauce, spicy BBQ sauce or flavor enhancer for other dishes.

CLUB JALAPENO This Mexican style verde sauce is mild in heat yet bold and zingy in flavor. Made with charred onions and garlic, fermented fresh jalapenos and shishito peppers, tomatillos and just a hint of cilantro.

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