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The New Boston Globe Cookbook

The New Boston Globe Cookbook

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The beloved Boston Globe Cookbook, first published in 1948, has come back to life, reflecting the flavors of the twenty-first-century city. Revised and updated by Boston Globe food editor Sheryl Julian to include ethnic recipes and new twists on old New England favorites, this beautiful illustrated book is now available in paperback. Included are recipes from the Boston Globe food pages as well as staples from earlier editions, all reviewed with an eye for reducing fat, leavening agents, and flour while introducing more veggie options. You'll find dishes you can serve at large gatherings, bring to potlucks, or leave to simmer for guests to help themselves. In addition to the well-loved Boston dishes, there are fresh recipes in recognition of the many new immigrant groups have settled here like Vietnamese pot-fried rice, and Greek spanakopita. As Julian writes, “Every time you pick up this book, we hope you’ll find recipes that make you want to head for the kitchen and start cooking.”