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Cursed In New England

Cursed In New England

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A salty profanity uttered by a taciturn old Yankee is generally more humorous than menacing, but can a curse really be used as a weapon? In Cursed in New England, renowned storyteller Joe Citro recounts seventeen tales of genuine maledictions intended to invoke evil, injury, or total destruction against others. Inside these pages you'll read about curses that were followed by the strange disappearance of a father and daughter in Rhode Island, mysterious afflictions in Massachusetts, a river of death in Maine, an unaccountable blight in New Hampshire, unexplained madness in Connecticut, and other eerie happenings from New England's colorful history. Citro vividly brings these stories to life, letting you decide whether the resulting tragedies were simply bad luck, coincidences . . . or something far more sinister.