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The Wine Cellar - Cabernet Bar Soap

Cabernet Wine Infused Bar Soap

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Bar soap infused with cabernet, vanilla and lavender. Wine makes for an amazing, healthy base for soap because of the grapes' high anti-oxidant profile. The grapes contain the anti-oxidant quercetin, flavanoids, minerals and vitamins. When added to soap, these qualities of the grapes are available directly to skin through daily washing. Your skin will thank you!

Colby Field, owner of Spindrift Soap, began his company with an innovative approach to bath and body care, creating soaps and lotions with beer wine and various other scents. The hops in beer soothes irritated skin and has softening amino acids and wine makes for a healthy base of soap because of its high anti-oxidant profile. Once you use one of these products, you'll never use another brand again. Your skin will thank you!